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Our Mission is to find and catalog each of these treasures in order to preserve their integrity for future generations - before they all disappear.
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Who We Are
The Texas Tree Trails organization is a cooperative effort of the Texas A&M Forest Service, the Texas Historic Tree Coalition, the Trinity Blacklands Urban Forestry Council and the Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council, among others.

DFW/State/National Texas Red Oak Champion Dead DFW Champion Redbud Dead DFW Champion Shumard Oak

Nat'l Champion
Texas Red Oak

Nat'l Champion
Red Bud

Texas Champion
Shumard Oak

 DFW Champion and Historic Trees
 We are Looking for Your Big Trees!

The Dallas-Fort Worth region of Texas, is quite urbanized, but also highly biodiverse. By nature, our region's geology and geography define a diverse sampling of multiple, transitional bioregions. As a result, North Texas is home to many spectacular arborilogical specimens that attest to this biodiversity. We have many state and even national champion trees close to home! The next yet-to-be-discovered champion tree could be in your backyard!

The champion and historic trees of our urban-forest are threatened by unchecked urbanization, storms and disease which are killing our trees. These have rendered so much of our forested open space and wildlife habitat to concrete and asphalt or dried, cracked earth. Texas Tree Trails works to educate the public regarding the significant trees in our region in an effort to conserve our "natural capital and bio-inventory". We have rewarding and exciting opportunities where you can help save our trees

Tree Trails and Virtual Tours 

Our natural environment is negatively affected by population growth. In the past, some of the most prominent area trees were lost without a public knowledge of their significance or death.

These treasures were silent witnesses to our history, foundations of our communities and resources for those interested in the knowledge of outstanding trees.

National Champion Texas Red Oak
Nat'l Champ Texas Red Oak

Do You Know of a Possible Champion or Historic Tree?
Regional Champion Magnolia If you love trees as much as we do and want to get involved, please help us gather information on these treasures. You can sign up to become one of our volunteers.

Significant trees are not renewable resources.
They should be preserved in perpetuity. Virtual Tours offer our trees to the world, encourage eco-tourism and leave a legacy for the future. Our plan is to build several of these tours to show the scope of the issue.
Call your Regional Forester for details. See the Contacts page or fill out the Nomination Form so a Texas Tree Trails volunteer can locate and officially measure your tree. Our trees are counting on you.

If your tree meets the requirements of a champion for its species it will be added to our regional DFW Big Tree Registry or maybe even the state or national champ lists! There are MANY big trees yet uncounted! Maybe yours or one you know of is one of them!


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