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Our Mission is to find and catalog each of these treasures in order to preserve their integrity for future generations - before they all disappear.
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The Texas Tree Trails organization is a cooperative effort of the Texas A&M Forest Service, the Texas Historic Tree Coalition, the Trinity Blacklands Urban Forestry Council and the Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council, among others.


  Documents and Forms

Form Name Date Description User(s)
Location (pdf) 12/09/2020 Designates location for tree measurement assignments before appointment with owners Forester, Volunteer
Thank You (pdf) 12/30/2020 Letter for tree owner after appointment listing trees measured. Volunteer
Site (pdf)

Site Form Instructions

01/17/2021 Agreement between Tree Trails and Tree owner allowing us limited rights to tree photos and visitation. Legal document. Volunteer, All
Instructions (pdf) 01/11/2022 Brief but complete instructions for measurement assignments. Volunteer
Measurement (pdf) 12/13/2020 Form for recording tree measurement data. All
Nomination (pdf)
Revision 7
05/12/2021 Form for nominating a tree and recording preliminary measurement, nominator, location and owner data. Use for Champion trees only. All, Public
Measurement Flow (pdf) 11/20/2020 Flow chart showing Measurement process. Volunteer, All
Process Flow (pdf) 11/20/2020 Flow chart showing TTT process. Volunteer, All
Nomination Flow (pdf) 11/20/2020 Flow chart showing nomination process. Volunteer, All
Manual: TTT User Guide - Data Management V3 (pdf)
Dropbox Revision)
12/30/2020 Detailed user guide for the collection, handling, movement, storage and usage of all tree trails data. (including photographs) All
TTT Brochure (2010)

(Undoubtedly needs updates.)
4/07/2010 A hi-res PDF file of the tri-fold brochure updated for 2010. The original Publisher file can be updated for additional changes if required. Board, Volunteer
TTT PowerPoint (ppt) 5/31/2007 This PowerPoint presentation is used for meetings, presentations and training classes. It has been updated with 2007 information. (It's quite large - 19 Mb.) Board
TTT Poster (pdf) 4/07/2007 An informational poster for poster presentations and trade shows. Board
Big Tree Registry (xlsx)

(Note: All private tree location data have been removed.)

10/30/2020 A Microsoft Excel file listing all trees from our database and their physical properties. This will be updated frequently after data has been added or updated. Note: this file is Excel 2010 - 2013 format as xlsx. All
Intern Timesheet (xlsx) 7/31/2020 A timesheet to be used by paid-position interns or others. Intern
Intern Mileage Report (xlsx) 7/31/2020 Interns (or others) record their mileage to and from job sites. Intern
Volunteer Sign In (pdf) 10/07/2004 Sign in forms for training classes and events. Volunteer Coord
Volunteer Assignment (pdf) 10/07/2004 A form used to designate tree assignments by proximity to where a volunteer lives. Volunteer Coord
Volunteer Work Activity Flowchart (draft) (pdf) 10/07/2004 Volunteer activities form training to measurement to data submission in flow chart form Volunteer
Historical Tree Registration Form (pdf)

No Longer Available
08/31/2013 After Nomination, a Historical/ Heritage tree must be registered and then the historical data entered. The tree status is validated from this form. Historical Tree Owner, Nominator, Forester, All
Description Template (pdf)
01/11/2022 PDF form Template to Help Create Tree Descriptions All
Manual: Tree Photography Guide V3 (pdf) 01/23/2021 Brief Introduction to Texas Tree Trails Tree Photography with Specific Rules and Requirements Volunteer, Forester, All

To download a file, right click on the link, then from the pop-up context menu select "Save Target As". Save the file to your hard drive. Note: Print the Measurement forms before you go out to measure a tree.

Smart Tip: You can save the PDF form files to your tablet or smartphone and fill them out in the field. Save them with a new file name such as TreeID + Date (Mmm-dd-yy).

To view or download forms or documents in PDF format, you must have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC. The FREE Acrobat Reader can be downloaded directly from Adobe, iTunes or Google Play.

NOTE: The Submit button on forms sent by email is no longer functional due to Adobe discontinuing the function. The form can be 1) printed and mailed to the address on the form or 2) saved under a new same such as "Tree Common Name + Date (mmm-dd-yy)" and attached to an email and sent to the email address on the form. #2 is preferred.



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