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Our Mission is to find and catalog each of these treasures in order to preserve their integrity for future generations - before they all disappear.
Texas A&M Forest Service

Texas Historic Tree Coalition

Trinity Blacklands Urban Forestry Council

Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council

Who We Are
The Texas Tree Trails organization is a cooperative effort of the Texas A&M Forest Service, the Texas Historic Tree Coalition, the Trinity Blacklands Urban Forestry Council and the Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council, among others.


Texas Tree Trails Nomination Process

Nominate a Tree

Your tree could be the biggest of its kind in the region, state or even the nation!. If it is, you will have the honor of being listed in the Texas Tree Trails Hall of Fame or maybe even the State or National Registries as the owner of a Champion Tree!

Does your tree have historical significance to your community or region? If your tree meets the requirements, you will be among the elite few who share this honor and be listed in one or more of the DFW Regional, State or National Historic Tree Registries!

Please contact us so one of our foresters or tree experts may:

  •  Verify your tree measurements to deteermine if your tree can beat the reigning champion.
  •  Determine and confirm the historical significance of your heritage tree.


You may nominate a tree by completing the Nomination Form and submitting it by email to the Texas Tree Trails office. Details are on the form. It is important you fill out as much of the information as you can. If you need assistance, please contact us.

Our helpful, professional staff will review your submitted form and contact you if they have additional questions regarding your submission. (Click below for the nomination form.) We will then contact you to make an appointment to officially measure and photograph your tree if your tree meets the required criteria.

On-Line Nomination

Click to nominate a Champion tree

Note: you must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC to open and use the Interactive PDF Nomination Form. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free from the Adobe site.

If your tree is selected for one of our registries, a Texas Tree Trails representative will make an appointment with you to officially measure and photograph your tree and then present you with a letter of our appreciation. A formal letter and certificate will be presented upon confirmation of affirmative tree status by the Regional State Forester.

We need YOU, the tree owners and the nature loving public, to participate in the Texas Tree Trails program by informing us of your trees, your neighbors trees - or the tree down the street. Please feel free to contact our representatives at any time.

Texas Tree Trails Tree Types and Qualifications  

For all user forms and documents see the Documentation page.

Tree Trails Tree Hierarchy List by Category

Historic or Heritage   These categories are related to History. A Historic tree is at least 50 years old and shares a significant event or events in a specific place in time. A Heritage tree has deep and specific significance to a community or locality. Criteria for acceptance to the Historic Tree Registry and details are managed by TXHTC (Texas Historic Tree Coalition).. Use the forms supplied by them on their website for full Historic status. A sample historic tree record is displayed with the Plano Quincentennial Bur Oak. Note that this is a sample of an older prototype format. Page navigation is found on the bottom-right of each page.

INDIAN MARKER TREE (IMT)  This category is related to History. These specific tree types are included with the Historic/Heritage trees as they have similar requirements and historical significance. A new IMT is nominated and registered by contacting the Texas Historic Tree Coalition (TXHTC)...

Credible historic reference material must already exist or historic references should be corroborated by a reputable source before we can accept or pursue investigation.

Champion Tree   This category is related to Tree Size for a given species. You can nominate a tree that you think is the largest of its kind for its species in the state or regional area, called a Champion Tree. This is an official designation confirmed through your Regional Urban Forester with the Texas A&M Forest Service. When two trees of a species are within 5 index points of each other  they are termed co-champions. Examples of Champion trees can be found by using our Search page. Many examples of these are in our current Champion database.

There is a Regional Champion tree competition for the DFW Metroplex area. The list can be found on this page under the Champion Tree List, Regional heading below.

Big Tree   This category is related  to Tree Size. A tree that is within 85% of the size of a Champion Tree. A Big Tree is a "Champion in Waiting".  If something happens to a champion Tree to displace it from its standing, whether it be loss due to age, damage from a severe storm, disease or blight; the "crown princess" Big Tree is waiting to take her place. This category is automatically considered when a tree is nominated in the Champion category. Examples of Big trees can be found by using our Search page. Many examples of these are in our current Champion database as a subcategory of Champion.

This category is also included in the DFW Metroplex Champion Big Tree Registry list below.

SIGNIFICANT TREE  This category is related  to Tree Size. This noncompetitive category was added at a later date to accommodate those trees that are large in their own right but not quite large enough on paper to fit the Big and Champion categories. Often when a new Champion or Big tree wins out point-wise over other trees in its species, other specimens can be close in points just outside the point range to be included in that category. These are still spectacular trees for there species so we decided to list them as significant for our region. This also would include outstanding trees with unique properties or with unique positions in history. A historical tree with no documentation, such as many Indian marker trees. They have unique shape and position in history.

This category is also included in the DFW Metroplex Champion Big Tree Registry list below.

Species Significant   This category is related to the Tree Species. It defines a thriving tree that is an unusual, unique species uncommon to the area. For instance, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the Sugar Maple Acer saccharum is typically not found. The southern range for this tree is northern to mid-Missouri. A thriving Sugar Maple in our area of substantial age and good health would be a Species Significant tree. (There is,  however, a large Sugar Maple in Tulsa, OK which is quite unusual.) An example page has not been developed for this category yet since no tree of this category has been nominated - yet..

Texas Tree Trails Lists

Texas A&M Forest Service   DFW Big Tree Registry

This is a Microsoft Excel file with the full up-to-date listing of trees and database information for the DFW Regional Champion trees updated weekly (or more frequently as time allows).

The file can either be opened directly from the link or saved to your hard drive by right clicking on the link, clicking the popup menu selection "Save Target As ..." and then saving it to a location on your hard drive.

Hierarchical and Categorical Lists

Champion/Big Tree Lists

Regional   DFW Big Tree Registry   [MS Excel]

Note: Location data are removed from the data records for trees that have been designated Private by the tree owners. These data still remain for all trees designated as Public.

  Big Tree List for Fort Worth   [Web Page]

State   Texas Big Tree Registry  [PDF]
National   The National Register of Big Trees  
   [Web Page]

Historic/Heritage Tree Lists

Regional Texas Historic Tree Coalition  [Web Page]
State Historic Trees of Texas   [Web Page]

Famous Trees of Texas  [Web Page]

National The National Register Of Historic Trees  
[Web Page]
The Historic Tree Project   [Web Page]


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