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A  Geographic Guide To Texas' Significant Trees

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Our Mission is to find and catalog each of these treasures in order to preserve their integrity for future generations - before they all disappear.

Texas Forest Service

Texas Historic Tree Coalition

Trinity Blacklands Urban Forestry Council

Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council


The Texas Tree Trails organization is a cooperative effort of the Texas Forest Service, the Texas Historic Tree Coalition, the Trinity Blacklands Urban Forestry Council and the Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council, among others.


The Texas Tree Trails web site does not use tracking cookies except for internal admin log in sessions. Session cookies are used to track tree ID numbers in use but no user or visitor information is collected. Upon closing the browser, the session cookies are deleted or will expire in a short period of time. Texas Tree Trails does not collect information from the general public except for owners of significant trees in our region whose tree was nominated for any one of our specific categories. This information is ONLY used for contacting the tree owner and making photos of the tree available for virtual tours according to our signed agreement with the owner.

We collect personal information from our volunteers as contact information for use in setting up tree measurement appointments with tree owners. This personal information is not used by Texas Tree Trails for any purpose other than Texas Tree Trails business and volunteer contact.


The Texas Tree Trails name and the Texas Tree Trails logo and all of it's parts are copyrighted material for use by the Texas Tree Trail organization, its partners and constituents. No one outside of these organizations may use our logo, our name or materials in any form without first getting written permission from the Texas Tree Trails board.

Site Form and Tree Owner Privacy

For the purpose of creating Virtual Tours, Texas Tree Trails will obtain permission from tree owners with trees on privately owned land for the collection of data and its use, which includes:

  • photographs of the tree(s)
  • descriptions of the tree(s)
  • publishing of these media on our web site as part of a virtual tour or single web page and storage of this data in our database
  • any public or private access by interested parties by appointment for viewing of the said trees
  • periodic access by Texas Tree Trails representatives for gathering data such as physical measurements, botanical measurements and location details for storage in our database.

These materials become the property of Texas Tree Trails.

The tree owner can opt in or out on one or many parameters having to do with location and personal privacy. These choices are collected with the owners signature on our Site Form.

Texas Tree Trails will not sell or lend tree owners personal data, collected tree data or any privacy selections they have made for any reason. We hold this privacy as a fundamental basis for our virtual tours.

See the Site Form Instructions (on the Documentation page) for the selectable options and degrees of privacy available to the tree owner.

Data Collection

Public Tree Location Data - These data is considered to be in the public domain and as such is published and used for public use.

Private Tree Location Data - Data that has been permitted for use from the tree owner is used and published in accordance with the signed agreement we have with the owner. Any data collected is held private. The tree or owner data is not used for any other purpose but proprietary Texas Tree Trail business.




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