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  Boy Scout's Centennial Tree Planting

Planting of National Council 100th Anniversary Tree.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Photos and Story by Doug Pierson, Texas Tree Trails/Trinity Blacklands UFC

Ceremonial Shovels

The ceremonial shovels and the 100th Anniversary Plaque.

At the Boy Scouts of America National Headquarters in Irving, Texas the ceremonial planting of the BSA National Council 100th Anniversary Chitalpa Tree was under way.

Speakers and dignitaries included Robert L. Mazzuca, Chief Scout Executive of BSA; Randall Stephenson, Chairman and CEO of AT&T and Chair man of the 100th Anniversary Celebration; and John Rosenow, CEO of the Arbor Day Foundation. The Arbor Day Foundation donated the tree and planting expertise for the the celebration.

BSA Centennial Tree

The BSA Centennial Tree ready for planting. The Chitalpa is designated as the tree of choice by the Arbor Day Foundation and BSA.

"The theme for the event was to honor the Generations Connections program of BSA where multiple generations within families are active in scouting. To exemplify this program, the McNabb family of Irving, TX and Circle Ten Council Troop 175 were present having four family generations currently active in scouting.

The essence of the ceremony was captured and embodied in Mr. Pete McNabb's emotional speech. Pete detailed the basis for scouting, for family, for the love of nature and the love of God all from the heart that touched everyone present. The warmth of that early November Texas day took second stage to that of his speech.

Pete McNabb

Pete McNabb.

After all words were spoken the crowd moved over to the planting site where each of the three speakers threw the ceremonial mound of dirt into the planting  to symbolize their commitment to the program and to scouting.

Afterward scouts from the Circle Ten Council and a few cub scouts (who had the day off from school for 2 per shovelthe celebration) had their chance to throw dirt. As you can see it took a couple of them to just get the shovel in to our illustrious blackland soil.

Color Guard was from the Circle Ten Council, Troop 508.

The Arbor Day Foundation chose the appropriate multi-trunk Chitalpa as the tree for the multi-generational program. As the tree branches out to provide new growth, so does the Generations Connection Program in Scouting.

For additional information about this celebration and scouting, visit this BSA Link.



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