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Our Mission is to find and catalog each of these treasures in order to preserve their integrity for future generations - before they all disappear.
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The Texas Tree Trails organization is a cooperative effort of the Texas A&M Forest Service, the Texas Historic Tree Coalition, the Trinity Blacklands Urban Forestry Council and the Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council, among others.

 Tree Trail News

  400 Year-Old Bur Oak Shows Its Age - Gets Repair
     Steve Houser, Certified Arborist TX 0107, November 2021

Dallas Area Environmentalists Warn of Invasive Beetle
   Could be Latest Threat to Our Trinity Forest

    David Tarrant, Dallas Morning News, January 15 2021

    Public Editorial RE: the Emerald Ash Borer to the Dallas Morning News
Steve Houser, Feb 5, 2021

 Comanche Nation  Indian Marker Tree Dedication and
    Ceremony, Quanah, TX
  with Steve Houser and Others
      September 26, 2020

? Quanah Tribune-Chief  News Article Tree Planting Ceremony

? Quanah Tribune-Chief  News Article Planting Marker Trees

List of Participants:

  • When the clip starts, the tall fellow in a black shirt and a Chiefs bonnet of feathers is Ron Parker, the Great Grandson of Quanah Parker, a very well known Comanche Chief.

  • Kristi Kerr Leonard, one of the marker tree volunteers, spoke about the Master Naturalist group. She has a sun visor in her blond hair.

  •  Marion Lineberry, a Citizen Forester also spoke for a few minutes.

  •  Bob Ikel in a light green shirt and a brown hat spoke for a couple of minutes.

  •  Eugene Johnson in a teal shirt and light-grey pa nts of the Eugene Johnson Foundation spoke. His wife joined for a photo.

  •  TThe lady in the deerskin dress is Ardith Parker Leming, Great Granddaughter of Quanah Parker. She and her Granddaughter provided the lords prayer in sign language.

  •  The gentleman in the red coat and Chiefs bonnet of feathers is Don Parker, Great Grandson of Quanah Parker. He played a ceremonial drum and sang two Comanche songs..

  •  Darroll Reddick, a local historian, helped with the cedar smoke blessing.

  • And of course we'd be remiss not to mention the Living Lorax himself, Steve Houser in the faded bluejeans and gray sweatshirt. The guy doing all gabbing.

   Boy Scouts' Centennial Tree Planting

Planting of the National Council's 100th Anniversary Tree,
Boy Scouts of America National Headquarters, Irving, Texas

November 10, 2009
By Doug G Pierson, Texas Tree Trails

   Passionate About Dallas Trees; TTT Board Member gets
      Published in Top Metroplex Magazine

Arborist/Horticulturalist and Texas Tree Trails Board Member Bill Seaman is published in DHome, Dallas/Fort Worth's premiere Home and Garden magazine. Trash Trees Inconvenient. Messy. Disease prone. These trees are blacklisted by experts and disappearing from the Dallas landscape. But for many of us, they inspire passionate discourse.

   City of Dallas Receives Coveted Gold Leaf Award

Awarded for Outstanding Arbor Day Contributions at the Annual Texas Tree Conference in Waco, Texas, October 11, 2007.

  Seeding the Value of Dallas' Trees

"A healthy, thriving urban forest is critical in attaining a stable ecological balance, improving the quality of life and enhancing the environmental processes of air purification, oxygen regeneration and groundwater recharge." - Steve Houser

By Bob Miller, The Dallas Morning News
Published: April 15, 2007

  A Tree Grows in Grapevine

52-foot-tall box elder is named the biggest known tree of its kind in Texas

By Bill Teeter, Staff Writer, STAR-TELEGRAM

  Plano's Historic Bur Oak Older Than Thought

New estimates indicate it could be 500 years old, not the previously held 243 years.

Jake Batsell, Staff Writer, The Dallas Morning News
Published: August 25, 2006

Loss of Branch May Be a Gain

Oak's life might be cut short, but limb could reveal true age.

Jake Batsell, Staff Writer / The Dallas Morning News
Published: August 1, 2006

Companion Stories:

Aging A Tree by Carolyn Bush; ISAT Newsletter In The Shade; Vol. 30, No. 1, Summer 2006

Determining A Tree’s Age by Carolyn Bush; Helping Hands The Dallas County Master Gardener Association Newsletter; July 2005, Vol. 18,
Issue 7

Letter to the Editor - American Forests

The attached Letter to the Editor of American Forests magazine ran as the first letter...on page 2 of the new winter 2006 edition!!!

TO: Michelle Robbins, Editor, American Forests Magazine

RE: Autumn 2005, Letter to the Editor entitled "Champ dethroned in Arizona"

It is always depressing to read about the loss of another significant tree. Although a Champion Tree can be replaced on the list in many cases, the loss of a Historic or Heritage tree is an irreplaceable loss.

Consider finding, recognizing, tracking, photographing and bragging about your local trees while they exist. These local "treasures" must be recognized and preserved in perpetuity for future generations. To learn how and why it is important, please visit: www.texastreetrails.org. It will be worth a moment of your time and you will be glad you did!!! The merits of the project warrant consideration and acceptance by the public.

Steve Houser, Consulting Arborist
January 2006

TUFC & TFS Release "Texas Trees" License Plate

License plate sales will benefit the Texas Urban Forestry Council (TUFC), which operates Texans for Trees, a partnership program between TUFCTexas Trees License Plate and the Texas A&M Forest Service in which TUFC buys and delivers trees to Texas communities with a population of 25,000 or less.

Press Release Dallas, TX, August 30, 2005
by WSM Advertising & Public Relations

Small Piece of Dallas Lost in Florida Hurricane

This fall's hurricane rampage through Florida wrecked a little piece of Dallas too.

By Larry Bleiberg, The Dallas Morning News, December 24, 2004

Don Henley, Honorary Chairman of Texas Tree
Launches Virtual Tour of Local Champion
   Trees May 4 at 2:00 P.M. at the Dallas Arboretum

This is the official public kickoff of the Texas Tree Trails program in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Press Release, Dallas, Texas, April 30, 2004
BBy Sarah Bracken, Texas Tree Trails

Investors Put Faith Into Saving Grace

Group's arboreal ardor helps ensure decades-old catalpa won't fall prey to development.br>

By David Flick, The Dallas Morning News

North Texas Trees of Distinction to be Cataloged

From historic to huge, they'll be listed on Web as part of new project.

By Randy Lee Loftis, The Dallas Morning News

City's Biggest Trees Singled Out

Grand Prairie Horticulturist seeks help locating potential specimens for champion tree list.

By Stephanie Sandoval, The Dallas Morning News

Big Trees Deep Roots

With their majestic branches and towering trunks, these record-setters bring tranquility and a sense of history to homes.

By Jesse Milligan, Star-Telegram

Letters to the Editor

On Wednesday, [June 8, 2005] the Dallas City Council will vote to consider accepting an unprecedented, one-time $100,000 grant from the Texas A&M Forest Service to fund an urban forester.

From The Dallas Morning News



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