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DFW National Champion Tree Trail

A Virtual Tour (and Public Driving Tour)

Natl Champ Texas Red OakEach tree on the DFW National Champion Tree Trail may not be a big tree as you would think a really big tree to be, but each are registered champions. A champion tree is defined as the largest of its species within a given region. Our region is defined as the Extended Dallas Fort-Worth Area and is made up of these particular trees and many just like them. Each of these champion trees are DFW Regional Champions and Texas State registered Champions.

This particular tree trail is dispersed across the Blackland Prairies and the Oakland Savannahs of North Central Texas on publicly owned land. It therefore can be visited personally by you and your family or civic group. The tour map to the trees is shown below. The total walking distance for this trail is out of the question so to physically get from one tree to the next a geo-trekker would need to drive. For those who can't make the walk and for those who don't want to go out into traffic, we provide this Virtual Tour.


To begin the DFW National Champion Virtual Tour, click on the #1 pin on the map below. This pin is the end point of the blue line to the left (West). It coincides with the #1 tree in the Tree Details list on the left, the Mesquite in Arlington, TX. Clicking these pins displays pop-up balloons with the tree name and tree ID so you may find them on the Tree Detail list on the left-side of the map. Clicking the Tree Name on Tree Detail list will display botanical, physical and photographic details of the chosen tree in a pop-up window. (This is the starting point for the walking tour along the DFW Champion Tree Trail as well.)Each numbered tree stop/way-point (push-pin) along the tour will have its own web page with photos, measurement data and botanical information for that tree at that location. Click the red pin, read the Tree Name on the pop-up balloon and click the corresponding Tree Name Link on the pop-up balloon. That's it.

The map is live and interactive. You can zoom-in and zoom-out, move to another location by scrolling with your mouse or keyboard and select map or aerial photo views. You are your own tour guide and can return to the tour depot (the parking lot or tour starting point), visit the next tree or visit the previous tree at any time - without getting your shoes muddy or out of breath. So sit back and enjoy the tour.


Driving Tour Directions

Since the trees are on city owned park land, the public can visit the trees within park operating hours.

Start your tour from the #1 tree on the map in Lancaster (note accent is on the first syllable). The GIS (latitude and longitude) values are for those moderately adventurous folks with GPS units that want to "geotrek" through the DFW Metroplex getting an up-close view of the trees.


Get on I-35W S from wherever and exit on I-20 E. (variable)

Take I-20 E to N Beckley Ave/S Interstate 35 East Service Rd S in DeSoto. Take exit 414 from I-35E S, 31 min (35.0 mi)

Take W Belt Line Rd to Nokomis Rd in Lancaster, 10 min (5.3 mi)

Lancaster 50 min (43.5 miles),via I-20 E

  #1  Lilac Chaste; Lancaster TX   (lat: 32.582850N, long: 96.749283W)


55 min (45.0 miles)
via I-20 W Fastest route, the usual traffic Lancaster Texas 75146

Get on I-35E N from E Belt Line Rd 10 min (5.3 mi)

Take I-20 W and US-287 N to West Fwy in Fort Worth. Take exit 13A from I-30 W
34 min (37.0 mi)

Continue on West Fwy. Take N Forest Park Blvd to Ward Pkwy, 8 min (2.6 mi) ,

2026-2212 Ward Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76110

  #2-  Oak, Texas Red; Fort Worth, TX   (lat: 32.717166N, long: 97.349816W)


10 min (3.3 miles) via S University Dr
2026-2212 Ward Pkwy
Fort Worth, TX 76110

Take Ward Pkwy to Forest Park Blvd 54 s (0.2 mi)

Take McCart Ave to Park Hill Dr 31 s (0.2 mi)

Turn right onto Park Hill Dr 1 min (0.4 mi)

Continue on S University Dr to Amon Carter Square 6 min (2.5 mi)

Continue on Amon Carter Square. Drive to Will Rogers Rd S

1 min (489 ft)
Will Rogers Rd S
Fort Worth, TX 76107

  #3-  Mesquite; Ft. Worth, TX  (lat: 32.746899N, long: 97.366116W)


30 min (19.8 miles) via I-30 E
Fastest route now due to traffic conditions
Will Rogers Rd S Fort Worth, TX 76107

Get on I-30 E from W Lancaster Ave 7 min (2.2 mi)

Continue on I-30 E. Take I-820 N to FM1938 N/Davis Blvd in North Richland Hills.
Take exit 22-22B from I-820 N 13 min (13.3 mi)

Continue on FM1938 N/Davis Blvd. Take Smithfield Rd to Douglas Ln
9 min (4.3 mi)

North Richland Hills
Texas 76182

  #4  Hercules Club; N Richland Hills, TX (lat: 32.886565N, long: 97.228087W)

Total miles estimated at 142 miles freeway and city/suburban roads. Total driving time estimated at 4 hours. Don't forget to sightsee along the way and maybe stop off at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens or other great nature spots along the way. Plan out your trip and make the day of it!

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