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Our Mission is to find and catalog each of these treasures in order to preserve their integrity for future generations - before they all disappear.
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The Texas Tree Trails organization is a cooperative effort of the Texas A&M Forest Service, the Texas Historic Tree Coalition, the Trinity Blacklands Urban Forestry Council and the Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council, among others.


40th Annual Texas Tree Conference40th ISAT Tree Conference

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Sept. 23-25, 2020 - Live Edition at Waco Conv Center
Oct. 7-21, 2020 - Virtual Edition Online  

Watch the experts in the 40th Texas Tree Conference. We had an outstanding lineup of national and Texas speakers in September fully recorded for replay for the Virtual Edition. This is the first year we have in addition to the Live Edition Conference, Academy and Trade show in Waco an all new online Virtual Edition Conference and Academy. You must register for these online presentations.

2021 North Texas Urban Forestry Conference

The Cross Timbers and Trinity Blacklands Urban Forestry Councils' annual urban forestry conference is currently in the planning stages. The tentative date is Wednesday, February 17, 2021, and currently we look to return to the Hurst Conference Center. Given COVID-19 and the uncertainty of holding events we are still determining the best options for providing an engaging and informative conference while maintaining safety.
We are also looking for additional speakers so if you are interested in presenting at the conference please contact Laura Miller, Tarrant County Extension Agent.

Where Would We Be Without The Master Naturalists?

Nowhere, that's where; and probably 3-years farther behind than we already are. Check out the Dragonflyer, the North Texas Master Naturalists newsletter.

Note: The following is an example article from an older Dragonflyer several years back:

Steve Houser, Speaker For Our January Monthly Meeting We will all get a treat at our January Monthly Meeting, Wednesday, January 3. 2007, as Steve Houser, with Arborilogical Services, who is also a NTC Master Naturalist, will give a presentation on the Texas Tree Trails program, a long time approved project/activity for our Chapter. During his presentation, Steve will show us how to properly measure a tree.

Texas Tree Trails are planning a training session in January or February for our new volunteer members who enjoy trees and would like to help preserve them. They will teach new volunteers how to properly measure and how to identify common local trees. They do not have a date yet. Keep your eyes and ears open for an announcement on the training.

The Same goes for DFW Region Master Gardeners

Some of our most prolific volunteers come from the ranks of the Tarrant Co and Dallas Co Master Gardeners' Associations. Well educated in the botanical sciences and also very willing to serve their communities and fellow man. Not only do they volunteer their services to Texas Tree Trails and other worthy causes but also have a full schedule of educational opportunities provided by Master gardeners on their event calendar that complement our agenda the year around.

DFW Green Source

Green Source DFW advances the environmental movement in the Dallas-Fort Worth area by promoting: green living, sustainable practices, nonprofit environmental organizations, eco-friendly green businesses, environmental education, scientific information, public policy discussions and socially responsible investing. See the event calendar and sign up for the newsletter.

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Fort Worth Botanical Gardens Event Calendar

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Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Society

Botanical Research Institute of Texas; Events,
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